Exhaustion: The Good and Bad

“You gotta keep your head up!” Andy Grammer

It is very disheartening to hear that you are incurable but I will keep going. I am almost done with my first of four rounds of chemo. The chemo is really kicking my butt, I am exhausted all the time and now losing my hair. This Sunday I get to take a week off the chemo so hope I regain some energy before going on it again. I got an electric wheelchair and a hospital bed to try to make daily life easier.

Friday the family travelled to RI to the yearly get-together with friends and family at the lake house. It was a lot of fun but I wish I could have done more. I missed paddle boarding and kayaking with everyone. It was fun to float around in a tube in the water once they figured out the best way to wedge me in. I really enjoyed the donut cake from Allie’s Donuts.IMG_2336 IMG_2337  IMG_2330 Also made sure to get Aunt Carrie’s clam cakes and NY system wienies. I used my facial and massage gift certificate that I won at the south county relay for life. It was awesome and I am now a fan of the spa concept and look forward to a pedicure.

It was nice floating around on Sunday with my young cousin Bridget and playing cards with Sloan and Vivian. I really appreciated the attention all the young visitors gave me.

IMG_2331 IMG_2338 IMG_2328 IMG_2329 IMG_2337 IMG_2336 IMG_2345 IMG_2346 IMG_2347 IMG_2348 IMG_2332 IMG_2333 IMG_2341 IMG_2340 IMG_2335 IMG_2339 IMG_2342 IMG_2334 IMG_2343 IMG_2344

Even though this chemo is tiring me out because my doctor said “maybe one of these treatments is Nathan’s answer, if this treatment does not do the trick we have a couple others lined up.


9 thoughts on “Exhaustion: The Good and Bad”

  1. Just said our evening prayers and Bridget was asking when she could play with you in the lake again. She is working on a picture to send you, too!

    Sending strength and healing thoughts!


  2. Nathan, it was so good seeing you Sunday. I know you tire quickly and my munchkins are a lot to handle. I love you dearly and hope to see you again before summer’s end!


  3. Nathan
    We had such a nice time spending time with you, mom, dad and Hannah! You are fiercely strong and we love you so very much! 😉 Mary Manny & Morgan


  4. Nathan
    Those are wonderful pictures you put up. I’m glad you had a good time. Stay strong and brave. We are all thinking about you!!


  5. Nathan – Great pictures and looks like you had some fun! We think of you every day. Keep the faith! Always in our prayers.
    The Hopwood Family


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