“All we need is somebody to lean on” – MØ

Eight days until Relay for Life at Quinnipiac. Nathan’s Neuroninjas are back in action. I have written my speech.

These past two weeks I have had visits from Aunt Madeleine, Kristen, Uncle Steve-O and D’Anne. D’Anne made me a cool bag for my wheelchair. I received a nice quilt from the Drifters, spearheaded by D’Anne. Grampa Richard and Aunt Sue Ann also visited this past weekend. Sue Ann added Star Wars in the style of Shakespeare to my reading list.

To keep myself busy lately, Mom and I have been sucked into the Game of Thrones. We are hooked. I have also been trying to catch up on the Walking Dead. We finished reading Go Set A Watchman. I am working on a book on the kindle and also an audiobook. It stinks to be sitting around all day when all you can do is watch Netflix. I like to be busy. Sitting around is only good when done in short intervals. I want to get back to school, working, cooking, playing sports.

Speaking of playing sports I am working on walking again. Physical therapy at home has ended. What will come next has yet to be determined. This past Monday we took the electric wheelchair out for a spin at The Crossings. It felt good to have some freedom. Hannah and Mom are getting quicker at strapping it into the back of the car. Jade still insists on laying down in front of me when I am trying to tool around the house.

After The Crossings we went to Popcorn Buddha. Thank you John Suzuki for making us aware of it. (It kind of looks like you) The popcorn is delicious. I try very hard to eat healthy but it can be difficult with these snacks.

IMG_2392 (1) IMG_2393 (1) IMG_2398 (1) IMG_2394 (1)

This past week Hannah had her first scrimmage. I think she dominated! She has my old soccer number. (It must have been the number).


This week I will be finishing the second round of chemo. We are waiting for results from Foundation Medicine for genetic testing on my biopsy sample. We hope this will give us info on what mutation is driving the tumor. We are waiting for this to figure out the next step. For an example of how this might work look at Time.com/Anselmo online. This is an update to the Cancer Gap article. I am also scheduled for an MRI next week. Duke could still be an option but we will stick with this chemo if it’s working.


4 thoughts on “POPCORN!”

  1. Nathan, you are amazing! Your writing of experiences and feelings and insights allows me to share this journey and I am honored. You are always in my thoughts. we all love you so much and are beside you in the fight and we will be with you all the way. Here’s to victory over this monster! See you on Saturday at the soccer game. XO Jana


  2. Nathan,
    The genetics of cancer is amazing and I have seen some very interesting results from the Foundation Medicine testing …. Drugs that would not normally be considered for a particular cancer show up as a possible treatment depending on the tumor cells’ mutation(s). It is truly personalized medicine. I pray that this test provides your physicians with the necessary info to guide your next step! Stay positive and have a good Relay for Life! Maybe you could post your speech after the event!


  3. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are keeping busy and continuing to strive to reach your goals. Don’t stop Nathan – I believe in you and your determination ( I call that pigheadedness when referring to your mom. LOL) Either way, it is a great approach to life that is and will continue to take you where you want to go! I miss all of you and am working to get back down this month! Glad to hear Hannah has the same soccer genes as you!


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