The Big 21


“Don’t let em say you ain’t beautiful” – Eminem


12238319_10153197547899071_6396700421842380881_o (1)


Last Wednesday marked one year since diagnosis. It was also the big 21. I am probably the first CHOP patient to receive alcohol (as a gift). Family and friends threw me a huge surprise birthday party and Child Life commemorated it with an awesome book. The people at CHOP were in on it.

I would like to thank Jess for the Colorado themed gifts.
I recently finished reradiation. One of the doctors invited me to his Clash of Clans. Of course I still want to try Cannabis Oil. I haven’t been keeping up with the ketogenic diet but I hope to restart it. One day I need to come off the feeding tube! I haven’t eaten In weeks.


To keep busy mom and I have almost finished The Alchemyst I sped through Back to the Future and Spider-Man. I’ve been watching the Walking Dead,American Horror Story, Southhampton and Red Bulls.

Having one functioning hand is very hard and I am also having great difficulty talking but there are tools to help.I am using the app I speak. David bought me a one-handed XBOX controller and I also have a wooden card holder.


Quick shout out to Nurse Alyssa.
Here are some pictures:
Me wearing Chris Corgan Team shirt, the Grey Game that the Belvidere Lady Seaters played and my party.


5 thoughts on “The Big 21”

  1. Nathan, you are the wisest 21 year old ever! You are an inspiration to all of us in your courage to fight cancer. You continue to reach out and experience life in this parallel universe. Cancer neither claims nor defines you! Can you teach me the X Box tomorrow or am I just too old to play? Love, D’Anne


  2. Happy 21st birthday and what a wonderful party!! Keep being strong Nathan and setting your goals. You have so many around you that care and have you in their prayers. Keep the fight going and you’re always in my thoughts and prayers. Miss U.


  3. I see my brother Donnie helped you celebrate your 21st. Happy Birthday! Stay strong Nathan. Lots of people praying for you and that includes me!


  4. Hello Dan and Christa. I ‘m sorry for your lost. Maybe you don’t remember me but I used to be your neighbor at Miramar, Florida and even though I lived there for a couple of years I had the pleasure to met Nathan when he was 1 or 2 years old. You are on my prayers and God will give you the strength you need during moments like this.


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