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Chemo Round 2

“You’re gonna hear me roar!” – Katy Perry

My woman.

This weekend was very tiring but fun. I went to a Red Bulls game and was able to stay up until 11 PM, which was a new record lately. We got tickets in the front row right on the corner flag. These tickets were provided to us through the Red Bulls in conjunction with the delicious Applebee’s fundraiser. I was able to go to the game with my mom, dad, Mr. Nolan, Don Nicholls, Caitlin, Maddie, and Alley. IMG_2355 IMG_2359 IMG_2361 IMG_2365Hannah wasn’t left out she went with her soccer team! The fun didn’t end there as I also went to an Eagles preseason game thanks to Child Life. IMG_2369It was my first NFL game and a bucket list item! Earlier that week I also had a friend visit from school and my old PT stopped by to see how I was doing. She brought goodies (Kit-Kats).

Towards the end of the first round of chemo I started to loose my hair in clumps. I did not want to blend in with Jade and Treasure so we shaved my head as a preemptive strike.

On the way to Philly this week I tried out an audiobook app. It worked pretty good so maybe I can get back into reading since the chemo makes my eyes tired. We believe the chemo may be working because my symptoms seemed to have plateaued which is what the doctor had hoped for. She said progress will be slow but people have told me that I have been slowly improving it is just hard for me to notice it. I started the second round of the chemo this week and will be on it for three weeks total. I am going to take a week off again and then start a new chemo and then repeat the cycle.

I created a Relay team, Nathan’s Neuroninjas, a Quinnipiac team, for September 11th. There I hope to give the opening speech but I don’t know how long I will last that night. I should be off of a round of chemo by then.

I am receiving some PT visits at home to try to get my mobility back slowly but it is hard without any tumor shrinkage.

I saw Mackenzie for the last time today as she is leaving for school tomorrow. It was very emotional but I am very excited for her. I am very proud and I know she is going to have a good time.

I recently had a dream that put new optimism on my situation. I really hope the message I received has some true meaning behind it.

I hope everyone is staying cool. It is hotter than Hades outside.


6 Monthiversary

“I know I’ll stay alive
I’ve got all my life to live” – Gloria Gaynor

Yesterday was my 6 monthiversary since my diagnosis and I was in Philly for my checkup MRI. I am hoping for good news and will find out the results this Wednesday. I had to increase my steroid dosage back to 1 mg for a week since I was having trouble coming off them but I do not know if that could also be attributed to the beginning of the allergy season. The doctor has told me that when choosing an allergy medication, it cannot contain antihistamines, ibuprofen, or some kind of decongestant, which has made finding a medication very difficult. I dropped to .5 mg again today so hopefully with my allergies under control I can continue to taper.

The weekend and Quinnipiac was much quicker than I had hoped for, as I had to leave early the day after seeing Jason Derulo (who was awesome) to go to the Red Bulls/Revolution game at Gillette Stadium with Aunt Mary and her daughter. Although the Red Bulls sadly lost, the Revolution did play a heck of a game.

Jason Derulo repping Quinnipiac.
Jason Derulo repping Quinnipiac.
View from our seats.
View from our seats.

The next day we attended the 5k and half-marathon to support our family running under Cotter Cousins for a Cure. We had a lot of fun cheering them on and watching them push themselves to the end.

Cotter Cousins for a Cure half-marathon runners.
Cotter Cousins for a Cure half-marathon runners.

Unfortunately I missed a soccer game that weekend but the girls managed to get their first win, which they repeated this past Sunday too! This past week was very tiring with me seeing my first Broadway play, Fun Home, with Mackenzie then driving to Philly Saturday to see The Maine (Mackenzie’s favorite band) after a full day at Dorney Park. Mosh pits are weird.

The Maine.
The Maine.

Luckily the rides did not affect my balance or vision, which my doctor had warned me about. She had also said that due to the affects on my balance, the rides may upset my stomach but I had no issues! The only things that were difficult were getting in and out of some rides and walking all around the park but those are more of muscle related things that I am continuing to work on.

As every one returns home from school I will be starting my online summer class this upcoming week. I am excited yet nervous since I have been away from school for six months and hope that I will be able to jump right back in. It will somewhat be a test of how the fall may go when I return by showing me how much I can handle again. It is only a 5-week course so it will be a little heavier on the work but I think I can manage.

My triple cheese chicken enchiladas did not disappoint and I have started to ride my bike more often.

Triple cheese chicken enchilada.
Triple cheese chicken enchilada.

It is difficult to get up the hill at the bottom of my street (I had to walk my bike) that I used to be able to ride up no-handed but I was able to go around town slowly but surely. Even though it was only about half an hour I was exhausted but am very glad that I still have the balance to ride my bike and have enough knee strength to move, although it makes me very sore after.

I am about to head over to the Chelsea to help hand out meals for the fundraiser so I hope to see some people picking up the yummy food! I’m excited to visit some of the residents and workers again.